Take an hour and clean up the mess in your life

Fall cleaning

Fall cleaning

So the ex is winding down this weekend which signifies the end of summer – boo hoo. I personally have not been to the ex in many many years but it is a nice tradition for us Torontonians to remind us that we need to squeeze every ounce of enjoyment out of the last lazy days of summer. Wait, did I just say lazy?! Let’s back-up here. I can’t speak for all of you but my summer has been far from lazy.

Between the social obligations (weddings, weddings and more weddings) and the many projects I’m working on at Design Lab, my summer has flown by. Look, I’m not complaining since I have a job in this economy that keeps me busy and creatively stimulated, and lots of friends and family to include me in their celebrations, but I would just like one weekend where I can take some time to myself and get to everything that I have been putting off all summer.

So with my husband gone on a stag this weekend, I’m doing just that. Time to organize, de-clutter and take some much needed me time to kick back and relax. Perfect timing with the beginning of Fall just around the corner. To start I took one hour out of my day and cleaned my desk at the office. It sounds simple, but so liberating!

So my advice to you before things get hectic again is to take just one hour out of your day in the next couple of weeks and clean up the mess in your life.

Let me know how it goes!


  1. Anna Says:

    Your desk is so clean MC!! You look really happy. :)

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